Emergency Light Bar

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Iím proud to offer an excellent scale light bar in several color choices for an affordable price! They are available in blue/blue, red/blue, red/red, yellow/red, yellow/yellow, clear/clear or clear/colored, with the clear light bar you can choose blue, red or yellow LED lights inside. All come with a real aluminum center trim piece. Depending on the color choice you select, these light bars will look right at home atop a police vehicle, fire truck, ambulance, tow truck, semi truck, utility vehicle, oversized load lead vehicle for semi's and more.

This light bar is a universal fit item, and is powered by your 4.8 to 6 volt receiver battery pack. If you'd like to power it separately, an on/off switch and battery holder can be sourced from many electronic suppliers such as Radio Shack or look in your parts box - you may already have a suitable switch and battery holder!

 This LED emergency light bar is designed to run on DC voltage between 4.8 and 6 volts, and will typically run several days per charge. The flash pattern is not user-adjustable; this simplifies the circuit board design and helps keep the price low. Included is one LED light bar and one flasher circuit, it is pre-wired, all you need to do is connect it to your battery holder! There are 12 LED clusters in a light bar, 6 facing front and 6 facing back, each cluster is made of 3 smaller LED lights - for a grand total of 36 separate points of light. The battery wires are 12" and the wires from the flasher circuit to the light bar are 14".







*Dimensions are approximate