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I also went over the glue joints with E-6000 for a stronger bond. Hot glue, while not the strongest, is used during assembly because of its quick cure time. Even though it does hold well, I have received feedback from a few people who have gone over the glue joints, and I am attempting to finish this body similar to how my customers have done.

The glue I hear mentioned most often is Shoe Goo. I have never used it myself, but I believe it is similar to the E-6000 Im using.

I filed the Tamiya window piece for a better fit but I was careful to only file and notch where it would not be visible that way I could re-use this window in a future aluminum body, or even in an original plastic body again if I wanted.

The rest of the bumpers and grille fit without trimming. The reinforcing pieces were glued in with E-6000, which is available at Michaels craft stores; the window, grille, etc were glued in with hot glue because it holds well but can be removed more easily than other glues which will facilitate reusing these pieces in the future.

Primed with Dupli-Color self etching primer

Tamiya TS-51 blue base coat

Tamiya TS-29 semi-gloss black in the bed and cowl area

Tamiya TS-75 champagne gold accent color and Testors Stoplight Red Metallic red accent stripe

All accessories installed, Tamiya X-18 semi-gloss black door handles and window trim

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