F-350 Box-Art Build - Page 6

In this build I am joining the cab and bed together. I will be simply gluing them together with E-6000, and placing some pieces of aluminum over parts of the joint to hold it securely. Extra pieces of aluminum have always been included with each body, so you would have the extra aluminum to do this as well. The front of the bed also has a bead of glue to join it to the cab although it's hard to tell in this picture because the glue dries pretty clear.

This next picture shows the underside of the finished bed. You can see the reinforcements from the beginning of the buildup as well as the wiring for the lights. The lights used are 1.5v lights so the two AA batteries are wired in parallel to achieve higher capacity not higher voltage.

Here is the finished body showing off its strength. 11 full unopened cans of soda in the bed, each can measures 13oz on my scale for a grand total of 9 pounds in the bed. There is nothing under the bed supporting it as you can see in the second picture, you can also see in the second picture that they were starting to lean towards the cab a little although it would've supported at least a little more weight. My backdrop for taking pictures didn't quite go up high enough so please ignore the cabinet in the background, lol.

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