Aluminum RC Bodies For:

F-350 High-Lift, Juggernaut
F-350 High-Lift Ext Cab
Toyota Hilux High-Lift, Mountaineer, Bruiser
Toyota Tundra High-Lift
Vintage Blackfoot
Blackfoot Xtreme
Sand Scorcher, Monster Beetle, Blitzer Beetle
Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top
Lunch Box
Land Rover Defender
Holiday Buggy
Willy's Flat Fender Jeep
Truggy Clodbuster Cab
Grave Digger
Rover P5 'Banger'
Future Bodies
Options for Bodies

Other Products:

Aluminum Sand Scorcher License Plates
Hub Covers for Vintage Hilux & Blazing Blazer
LED police emergency light bars
Scale Antenna
Scale Rubber Tire Valve Stems
Misc For Sale


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Since 2009 - there is no substitute for metal


Yes, this really is an aluminum body! Check out the buildup and video of this Box-Art finished F-350


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Body currently being built: Toyota Hilux. Click the Pricing/Buy Direct link for additional info and specs on this and other bodies currently available.


Camera quality has improved greatly since most of the body pictures were originally taken, as new bodies are made I will take some new pictures.


New additions to Gallery 2!



Content is added regularly so keep checking back!
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